A documentary about the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar

Mergui - A journey into the unknown

In 2016 my friends, Robin Kersten, Michael Forbes, Heiko Birkenstock and I embarked on an unforgettable adventure: we produced a documentary about the fascinating Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. Our expedition was not only a cinematic endeavor, but also a historic journey, as we were the first camera crew to visit this remote region in 60 years. Our film delves deep into the complex world of the Mergui Archipelago, highlighting three key aspects:


The Moken - sea nomads in peril

We have delved deeply into the Moken, an indigenous people of sea nomads who have inhabited this region for generations. Their traditional lifestyle and unique connection to nature are threatened, both by burgeoning tourism and overfishing of the waters. We take viewers on a journey into the world of the Moken and show the challenges they face.

The reopening of a forgotten world

Our documentary shows how we took the opportunity to explore the Mergui Archipelago after decades of being closed to the world. The breathtaking beauty of the untouched islands, the biodiversity of marine life and the impressive underwater world are captured in never-before-seen images.

tourism and environmental protection

We take a critical look at the impact of tourism on the Mergui Archipelago and are committed to preserving this unique environment. Our research and discussions with the locals shed light on the balance between tourism development and environmental protection.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Mergui Archipelago and join us on our journey into the unknown. Discover the stories of the Moken people, natural treasures and the complexities of sustainable tourism in this stunning region. We hope our film inspires to protect and preserve the treasures of our planet.