Hi, I am Sandor


spo video production

Video Production

In addition to the experience and professional equipment, the creative performance is my essential factor.

spo script writing

Script Writing

I am at your side from the complete concept development to the optimization of your film ideas.

The focus of my work relates to the topics of sustainability, nature and the environment as well as tourism.

Art must be unique

film is art

Modern and unusual film techniques enable strong productions. But that's not all. In the rapidly developing film industry, modern technology must be understood and mastered. Well-founded technical, economic and legal knowledge combined with project management skills and experience are therefore essential for successful film productions today - regardless of the medium they are made for. Therefore film is also a craft! My qualified training as a photographer and cameraman as well as my extensive experience in the telecommunications, information, media and entertainment industries make me your proximate-oriented partner.

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A big movie

doesn't only exist in the cinema! "The special film" with a creative story is also required today on your website, your trade fair stand or on your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok channel. Today, followers can only be won with dramaturgy and competence.

Content Creation

Creating moving image content with an exciting and authentic story beyond conventional commercials is one of the most important tasks of outstanding media communication. It is the must-have for successful social media marketing.

Online editing

Creating digital content for social media and other marketing channels is one of the most complex tasks in media production. My training and experience with journalistic forms of presentation help to prepare articles, reports and interviews in an interesting and understandable manner.

Never completed

The process of successful media communication is never complete. There are always changes and innovations that need to be updated. For the upgradeability of a project, concept and strategy are therefore essential aspects that require a lot of attention at the very beginning of a project.