My passion:

Making films & protecting the environment

know how

I did an agricultural apprenticeship. This training provided me with in-depth knowledge of plant cultivation, animal husbandry, etc. But I quickly did not any future for myself in modern, intensive agriculture.

more know how

Then I went back to school and grappled with the fundamental economic concepts, theories and strategies that drive the global economy. (Economic Theory and Politics)

After training as a cameraman/photographer, I combined my passion with my skills and worked in advertising and entertainment. Today, this combination of knowledge, experience and creative expression enables me to visually communicate important environmental issues and raise awareness of environmental issues.

the great time

on cruiseships

I have been producing travel videos on cruise ships for more than 10 years. During this time I had the unique opportunity to circumnavigate the world several times and learn about the impressive diversity of our planet. This work offered me an exciting and educational life that was characterized by variety. Over time, more and more doubts came to the fore, especially regarding the impact that this type of travel has on the ecosystem. I began to realize that the growing cruise industry could not be integrated sustainably with natural ecosystems.

Project: Gaias Plea

the transformation

The turning point for me came on Spitsbergen in the Arctic, when I realized that a large number of large cruise ships were now visiting this region, leaving a long, black plume of smoke over the formerly snow-white glaciers. That day I realized that I could no longer support this type of travel, which is the most damaging to the environment, with my work. Since then I have been following my task of making a positive contribution to protecting nature and dealing with climate change.

the presence

I am currently building my own business, an ecological media production. The aim of this company is to produce fair, accessible and CO2-reduced content that shows the connections between climate change and thus promotes awareness of one's own activities.

Project: Waves of Change

my goal

I want to be an inspiring example of how an individual change with a conscious decision to protect the environment and climate can have a positive impact on the future of our planet.

The essentials

In order to be able to implement media projects independently, without external influence and constraints resulting from customer relationships, crowdfunding seems to be the only possibility of financing.